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sending data

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classroom lights out to darken the room, an on-line metronome.

Give a torch to one pupil and set them far apart. The rest of the class will be asked to decode the message as well. The aim is to transmit a character successfully from pupil A to B (use Unicode or subset ASCII) At every metronome beat the torch is either on or off. For example, if the pattern “111” was to be transmitted the torch can stay on for 3 beats. This activity also illustrates the need for a computer to have a clock – was that one one? or five ones?!!

This could be done by all pupils in pairs using a paper copy of a light/touch that they hold up to partner or face down at each beat to transmit some data. The metronome represents a computers clock.

sending messages (inc.protocols)

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This resource was created by Alistair Barker ( ) Best to complete the worksheet in class, then head outside, pupils aim to send each other a few characters or a simple word. No speaking – all in silence. First, they pair up and complete the sheet below to agree on the pattern of 1’s and 0’s to represent an A or E, etc. They also need to agree on patterns to encode the protocol part – “are you ready to send?”…They play the role of sender and reciever, getting together afterwards to see if they sent the intended message.

can link to ASCII/Unicode, bar codes, check digits and error correction topics.