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knights tour

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This resource is courtesy of Prof. Paul Curzon, Queen Mary University. , specifically

Pupils need a counter, something to act like a knight. The rules are on the sheet though this is the simplest way to approach this activity…again pairing pupils work well. One of the key points of this is how representing a problem visually it can become simpler to understand and thus solve.

  1. hand out sheets and counters, explain tasks. Allow plenty of time to solve. Pupils who finish earlier can be activity gurus and assist others.
  2. next, on a blank piece of paper, pupils should draw a graph (computing graph!) of ALL possible moves from each and every square. They draw each square on the board as a circle then draw a line to another number circle that can be moved to.
  3. At this point, the graph may look messy, so ask them to redraw as clear as they can
  4. pose the question, Is there more than one solution, more than one route. Their hand-drawn graph should enable them to answer this.