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The Approach

Teachers are busy. There is never enough time. The aim of this site is to curate excellent computing teaching and learning activities that require either no or minimum prep.

This site aims to provide a categorized collection of activities, aimed mainly at UK Key Stage 1,2 and 3

The site also aims to address the gender imbalance in Computer Science at GCSE and A-Level. One way this can improve is by pupils discovering Computer Science at an earlier age, before stereotypes kick-in.

back story

14 years of teaching experience in Computer Science has resulted in varied tried and tested approaches to learning many computer science concepts.

My Teaching History

Poole High School, Dorset (State)

Warwick Academy, Bermuda (Private, Int)

Kings College, Guildford (State)

King Edward VI School, Southampton (private, selective)

I hope some of this helps!

Peter Mapstone